We make leather goods that last for decades and nearly all Tlusty & Co. products come with a free lifetime warranty. This warranty means that for the lifetime of the product we are happy to make repairs needed to fix any damage caused by normal use. The lifetime warranty doesn't cover the owner's lifetime or their heirs.

Leather, once well treated and cared for, will last for decades and all our products are made with the most durable materials that are not commonly available. However, things happen, and one day a thread may break or a rivet fall off. If this happens, we are happy to fix it! Simply send the product back to us with a note about what went wrong. We will always do our very best to repair any damage to your Tlusy product. Please be aware, that damages caused by intentional misuse or mistreatment can't be fixed and are not covered by our warranty. 

For detailed conditions please refer to our Privacy Refund and Cancellation Policy.


What is covered by the lifetime warranty?

Any defects caused by normal use. This includes things like broken stitches, rivet defect or loss, broken zippers, and any general hardware defects.


What doesn't the warranty cover?

Leather stains caused by water, beer, wine, sweat or any other liquid. Any damage to the leather or lining caused by sharp objects or surfaces. For example, scratches by nails, keys, pens, or any sharp objects. If you accidentally damage the leather of your piece, we are happy to help you to revitalise it, but this service is not free of charge.


How does the warranty work?

If anything goes wrong, please call us to get a UPS number and we will ship your Tlusty & Co. leather good free of charge to our address. If the defect is covered under warranty, we will fix it and get is back to you ASAP! If something isn't covered under warranty, we will call you to discuss any costs and make a suitable arrangement for you.