Here at Tlusty & Co. we are a community of artisans of a new era. We want to go back to our roots and revitalise the craft of leatherworking. We searched and united a number of craftsmen commited to the mission of keeping the craft alive and bringing high quality customised products to our customers all over the world.

We refuse to accept that the leatherworking craft is vanishing in Europe. Experienced and passionate craftspeople from various industries such as leathermaking, bookbinding, metalworking, tailoring, machinery and toolmaking are all part of our family.

Today, our team has more than 20 co-workers and more than 15 small companies from all over the world artnering with us to create beautiful products in the Czech Republic. Altogether we have more than 230 years of experience!

We love to make unique and customised pieces

We are passionate about crafting products that  you cannot find on the retail market. We love to work with leather and we believe in delivering high quality products and highly personalised service like in old good days. We aim to keep leatherworking alive, return true quality to the market, and build a world renowned brand.

At Tlusty we merge traditional craft, new technologies, and social networks. All the products from our workshop are made to order from top quality materials, with care and acute attention to detail. Our customers can select and build their own luxury of hand-made, highly customised personal product at an affordable price. Whether you are in New York, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, or Shanghai, you can have your very personal product made by us ... just for YOU!